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2 years on and I will do better

I must confess I don't feel as guilty as I probably should about leaving is so long since writing about my business! My last blog post was in October 2016, and the reason It's been so long is because my whole world changed in November 2016...

The shop at Sneinton Market, opened on 23rd November 2016

I was beginning to despair about having to leave the old studio building and not having anywhere to base my business. I fortuitously met someone at a networking event who said I should come check out Sneinton Market Avenues. That lovely person was Dee Miller of Minor Oak Coworking.


Long story short I took on this currently empty and sad retail unit that was to be the shopping hub of the avenues with the proviso that I could use part of the pace to run my glass workshop.

I was given 5 days to fill the shop from taking the keys to having it open to the public.

Fortunately the unit had already been furnished by the amazing ladies at Curious? so that was one major problem already solved.

What followed was a manic flurry of emails, deliveries and some major hustling to get the shop full of quality goodies ready for Christmas shoppers.

We started with 15 suppliers of all sorts of products, glass, jewellery, clothing, textiles, art, homeware and cards.


Two years later and I am proud to be at the helm of this small but successful retail outfit that supports other local artists and craftspeople selling their wares direct to the public.

We re-branded with a lick of sunny yellow paint in summer 2018 to make the shop stand out and easy to identify.

We currently stand at 73 suppliers of all manner of artefacts, Art and gifts, some of whom are based in the Avenues.

All suppliers are local to Nottinghamshire (a few from slightly further afield but still within the East Midlands!) and all of the goods are either handmade, designed and/or produced by the suppliers.

The shop is open Tuesday – Friday 12 noon – 6 pm and Saturday 11 am – 6 pm

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