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About Rosie Kemp

Rosie with Orange Roses
Rosie in the old shop
Rosie on the narrow boat also called Rosie
Cycling in the sun
In Thailand
Dolled up for a vintage festival
Paddle boarding
Cute bunny
Glittery face festival fun
laughing at a doghnut

I am a colour obsessive, craft loving, jewellery toting, glass melting, outdoor exploring, bike riding, forever learning, vintage fancying, indie business owning happy woman!

My personal jewellery collection is beyond belief and there’s always room for more. Wearing beautiful things makes me happy and that is reason enough to collect and make jewellery. 


I discovered glass lampworking during my 3D design degree at Manchester in 2007-2010 and couldn’t imagine a better way to spend my time. Glass melting in front of your very eyes is like alchemy and I love sharing my work and methods with others.





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