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Welcome to bden

So this is it. I am stepping out of the world of a standard working life and striking out into the life of an independant business woman.

My new Studio, situated on Station Street in Nottingham, has been the scene of quite a transforation over the past few months.

Taking ownership of the space in Late December and working alongside my usual job until the end of January to get it into shape, it has been a tiring but rewarding journey.

What the space used to look like

With help from various friends and family members and a few contractors, but mostly solo, I have created a space I am immensely proud of and am happy to call my creative home.

It will house my enourmous collection of jewellery materials and beads and my brand new glass Lampwork torch.

I am currently waiting for the floor to be tiled, the biggest job so far, and once that is complete, i can begin fitting it out with furniture and equipment.

Thanks for taking an interest and keep watching this space for further news an developments about the studio. Rosie

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