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Trials and Tribulations

So after a bitterly short time in the new shop, sadly it is no more! The building in which it was housed has been sold to a big bad developer and all the tenants are out on their asses.

I was understandably upset to have to vacate my studio and shop after 6 months of painstaking effort to get each space exactly how I wanted it. I was very comfortable in my little glass world and had grand plans of what else I wanted to do with it in the future.

However my lovely landlord managed to get me another workshop space in the building further up the road so I have spent the last few days lugging all my furniture and equipment (with the help of the wifey!) up the street.

And now all my stuff is dumped in piles on my new workshop floor! Three flights of stairs up in the old police stations, in an old Kitchenette is my rustic new space. With 3 massive windows, loads of light and tiled walls in really fits my needs, its just a bit grubby. So I set to work scrubbing away all the pigeon poop, cobwebs and dirt and its now somewhat resembles a working environment.

The move has also come at a bad time as I am preparing for my first market event as bden glass and should be in production rather than unpacking! Once this event is over I will be spending some time personalising my new space so it feels as homely and comfortable as the last one. :)

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