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bden glass is open on Station Street

This is the day I've been working towards for almost 6 months! the opening of my shop....

My cool shop letters!

The launch party for family and friends was a huge success, making all the hard work worth while.

The previous two weeks had been solidly made up of sitting in front of the laptop working out how much to price each piece at, turns out this is more of a headache than I had anticipated. It took me a few days simply to break down all of my costs into a spread sheet and then work out my formula for pricing.

Once all the stock had been priced I worked on my packaging and branding,got business cards printed, made shop signs and stamped all my bags and labels. Having done most of the work myself, I feel immensely proud of just how much I was able to achieve.

One of my chalk board signs

With over 150 individual product now available I can concentrate on the selling side of my business and aim to have the shop open to the public as least 4 days per week.

Its just a shame that I will not be able to stay in this location for long, however I may end up with a retail space in Nottingham city centre so fingers crossed

I have also applied to have my products included in some of the cities well known independent designer shops that already house fabulous craft and design work from other local makers and artists.

Ta ta for now folks, until next time,

Rosie x

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