Is this a stairway to heaven? Well these gorgeous glass rungs certainly feel like they could take you to there! Crisp and clear glass captures whatever colour lays underneith and acts like a magnifyer, catching the light and twinkling.


Three solid rods of clear glass in decreasing sizes with rounded bulbous ends spin and slide inside slightly larger jump rings. The chain measures 45.5 cm end to end including the clasp. Glass rods measure 2.5 cm long and 4 cm total width. Silver plated findings are used.


The necklace is posted in a branded jewellery box with black velvet insert. If you wish for it to be gift wrapped, please include this as a note to seller when purchasing.


Triple Ladder necklace

  • This product contains glass elements and is therefore fragile. Please take care when handling, wearing and storing this piece as breakages due to negligence cannot be repaired or replaced without further cost.