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A dreamcatcher within a dreamcatcher, there's no way bad vibes are getting through this maze of mathematical shapes! Stand back and admire the twinkling glass beads as they sway and catch the light, it's truly mezmerising.


The outer metal hoop features a zig zag beading pattern and frames a sperate inner dreamcatcher hoop in the middle and measures 20.5 cm across. Sections of silver chain featuring three hollow pentagonal bipyramid shapes hang at differing lengths from the lowest point of the hoop and measuring 53 cm long. The whole piece is 81 cm long.


For indoor use only, do not place directly in a through draft. Glass may break if dream catcher is able to bang against or knock into a solid surface.

Zig Zag Dreamcatcher

  • This product contains glass elements and is therefore fragile. Please take care when handling, wearing and storing this piece as breakages due to negligence cannot be repaired or replaced without further cost.

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