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This is a decorative peice perfect for a minimal interiors or against a colourful backdrop, best placed somwhere where it can gently spin.


Clear glass tube beads measuring just 5mm in diameter, make up this beautiful and delicate web design within a solid metal ring. The glass tubes are woven with almost invisible monofillament so they look suspended. This is not your typical dreamcatcher and the way the light catches the glass makes it sparkle when it moves.


The whole piece measures 20.5 cm across. A fabric yarn loop means this dream catcher can he hung from anywhere you like.


For indoor use only, do not place directly in a through draft. Glass may break if dream catcher is able to bang against or knock into a solid surface.

Medium Dreamcatcher

  • This product contains glass elements and is therefore fragile. Please take care when handling, wearing and storing this piece as breakages due to negligence cannot be repaired or replaced without further cost.

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