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Glass Tube Beads 8 mm - pack of 20


These beads are great for making your own jewellery and craft projects. String together end to end with other beads or fill with tiny seed beads and make a brooch!


Handmade using toughened borosilicate glass tubing. 8 mm diameter tube with 6 mm diameter hole and 1 mm wall. I make the beads by cutting each piece from a 50 cm long tube and flashing the edges in the flame to soften the sharp edge. 


"Borosilicate is referred to as "hard glass" and has a higher melting point (1648 °C) than "soft glass". This makes it more shock-resistant and stronger"


Available in lengths of   30 mm, 40 mm & 50 mm. All come in packs of 20 pieces.

Contact for large quantities and custom orders. No extra postage cost when purchasing multiple bags. 

8 mm Glass tube beads - pack of 20

  • This product is made from glass and is therefore fragile. Please take care when handling, wearing and storing this piece as breakages due to negligence cannot be repaired or replaced without further cost.

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