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Glass straws


#reuse #reduce #recycle #zerowaste #lessplastic #plasticfree


These glass straws are your answer to a plastic free lifestyle.

Handmade set of two glass straws with cleaning brush. The straws are made from toughened scientific glass known as borosilicate (the same thing as Pyrex) which is very strong and hard wearing. The ends are gently heated in the flame to soften and make them smooth.


The straws are 18 cm long, and 7 mm wide with a 5 mm hole. A 20 cm cleaning brush is provided to clean out the insides. Straight or bent straws are available

Bent glass straws

  • Glass

    This product contains glass elements and is therefore fragile. Please take care when handling, wearing and storing this piece as breakages due to negligence cannot be repaired or replaced without further cost.

  • All measurements and sizes are approximate.

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